Read this article:   PORTLAND, Ore. – The Influenza and norovirus season is in full swing, and health officials say cleaning your home is part of the defense you need to put up to fight getting sick. The flu virus can live a day or two on surfaces in your home. The tougher norovirus can […]

Check out this article we found: Did you make a resolution this year to keep up with housework? We commend you, but we also know it can be hard work, especially when you’re already knee-deep in work, social life and other distractions. Living in a clean house can make you feel so much happier, but […]

Did you know that mildew loves to grow in bathrooms?  The bathroom is a damp environment, making it ideal for mold and mildew.  If you already have mildew growing around your bathtub place cotton balls with bleach on the affected area.  Let the bleach soak in, then rinse.  Shower curtains are another problem area.  Prevent […]

Read this article we found:   The holidays bring plenty of cheer and the arrival of family from all over. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, after all. But with family visits and hearty meals also comes a big share of messes. After hefty helpings of gravy and chocolates, there will be plenty […]

Check out this article we found: HICKORY — Matthew Brown lifts a bottle of his surface cleaner up to eye level, points it and sprays into his mouth. Fear not. It’s not the average household cleaner. “It may not taste good, but it’s safe,” Brown said. “If a child or pets get into it, they’re […]

Cleaning an entire house can seem tiring and over complicated.  Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to clean all at one time, instead you should make daily chores a habit.  Start with the kitchen and bathroom.  Make sure these rooms get cleaned everyday and then the rest of the house should be tidy but not thoroughly […]